Our Team

Meet the Team!

Here are the people behind the scenes working hard to make our beautiful planet a better place.

ABBAS BHIMJI — Founder/Director

Founded by Abbas in 2016, Abbas is the owner of My Earth Your Earth. He says it is his mission to help make the world a better place, even if it’s just making one person smile.

HASAN MERCHANT — Head of Funding and Grants

Hasan has been there from the beginning, helping organize some of the first My Earth, Your Earth events.

NABA NAQVI — Head of Public Relations and Programs

As someone who enjoys taking the initiative in fostering change, Naba joined the team in 2022. She hopes to positively impact the world in whatever way she can.

RUQAYYAH MERALI — Head of Social Media and Marketing

Ruqayyah has always been passionate about social change and prides herself in having a creative mindset. She joined the organization in 2022, hoping the through her role she can make a positive difference.

LEO LI — Website Developer

Leo has always been dependable whenever anything was needed from him. This beautiful website you’re currently viewing is from his creative and tactical mind.