Volunteer Opportunities

Disclaimer: We understand that some of us may have other commitments such as school, but if you are applying to any of the positions below, your commitment to My Earth Your Earth should be moderate to high.

The Executive Team will have meetings once per week. Bi-weekly full team meetings (meetings will be on zoom) in-person meetings TBD. Any of the roles below go towards volunteer hours ( [*] represents head positions).

All are welcome to apply.

We look forward to reading your applications!

General Positions

CLICK HERE for the general volunteer application!

General Volunteer
Attend all My Earth Your Earth events and assist with any needs during the event.

Below are the Executive Positions

CLICK HERE for the executive team application!

Social Media Coordinators
Report to Head of Social Media and Marketing.
Come up with ideas to post on My Earth Your Earth feed (TikTok, Insta, etc.)

Public Relations Coordinators
Work closely with public and deal with public concerns.
Inform and advertise to the public about the different My Earth Your Earth events .
Plan and confirm venues for each event.

Marketing Coordinators
Come up with ideas to market and fundraise for the diverse My Earth Your Earth events.

Program Coordinators
Come up with new fundraising and events ideas and finds dates for events and fundraisers.

Recruitment Coordinators
Recruit volunteers and give overview about My Earth Your Earth.

Volunteer Coordinators
Lead other volunteers during events and notify upcoming volunteering events.

Assists with any needs that any department head requires.

Be available for events and event preps to document progress.

Video Editor
Collaborate with videographer and edit any video requested by any department.

Graphic Designer
Works closely with Head of Social Media and Marketing.
Designs art for social media posts.